Tuesday, January 1, 2013

6 Beautiful Women Of All Time

This article is especially for you women. Did you know that six (6) most beautiful woman of all time??? And this is six (6) most beautiful woman of all time:


Known of the Egyptian queen has a beauty legend that is very intriguing. Reportedly honey skin soft, while the face has a very perfect proportions. Nefertiti, queen king Amenhotep IV, known for beautiful, charismatic, has almost equal power with her husband, but save a thousand mysteries. History records, he never lost then came back and had ruled Egypt although only a few years after her husband died.


Who is not familiar with the woman who supposedly is a very beautiful woman. He is the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Beauty queen of Egypt is indeed dope than when he was alive, so in this millennium era. Physical appearance of the queen is indeed perfect, from the body, skin, face, hair up, this all makes the most powerful generals in the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar defeated him.

  3.Catherine-Zeta Zones

 His figure is so graceful and beautiful, has almond eyes shining,
shiny black hair and a warm smile makes her heart seemed to stop beating Michael Douglas and made all men in the world spellbound, he Catherina Zeta Zones the graceful from Ireland.

 4.Marie Antonietee 

Famous Queen of France is not only known for his luxurious lifestyle, but also because of the enchanting beauty, make louis XVI hypnotized and knees, so that at age 14 the King ask for her hand. Even the young queen also helped pioneer style dress and unique styling.

5.Lady Diana

For many people in the world, and especially beautiful women gracefully named Lady Diana Spencer and the mother of two of the heir to the throne of the British Empire is a symbol of elegance and glory of the female heart and spirit igniter for lovers of peace. And his tragic death made ​​the whole world cry.

6. You must be curious right??

Who on earth are the most fortunate people in the world at No. 6, which has a beauty that is not less interesting? And here's the answer, you're the one, yes ... you was the one her, this is because the real beauty comes from the inside (inner beauty) and will not fade until the end of life.

So blessed are you (women) are reading this article because you are lucky to be ranked 6th most beautiful woman of all time.

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